Aesthetic Surgery



“Hier könnte das Zitat einer patientin stehen.”

Maria Mustermann, München

Non-surgical treatments of the face

  • anti-wrinkle therapy in face and décolleté
  • facial recontouring and restoring tissue volume with fillers or body fat 
  • PRP-Therapie (Platelet Rich Plasma), sogenanntes Vampir-Lift (Biostimulation mit Eigenblut und körpereigenem Plasma)
  • wrinkle treatment




  • hyaluronic acid therapy
  • scar and keloid therapy
  • percutaneous collagen induction (medical needling) 
  • therapy of Frey’s syndrome




Surgical treatments of the face

  • rhinoplasty
  • chin correction (profile plastic surgery)
  • otoplasty
  • auricle reduction
  • upper and lower eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty) 
  • brow lift




  • forehead lift 
  • midface lift and face lift (rhytidoplasty)
  • neck lift
  • liposuction 
  • lipofilling
  • scar correction in the face, head and neck and décolleté