Plastic &

“Hier könnte das Zitat einer patientin stehen.”

Maria Mustermann, München

Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

  • functional and reconstructive rhinoplasty

  • functional and reconstructive rhinoplasty in cleft patients

  • secondary and revision rhinoplasty

  • septal surgery

  • turbinate surgery

  • functional and reconstructive eyelid surgery

  • congenital malformations




  • auricle dyplasia | otoplasty

  • Covering of defects by local and pedicled flaps

  • reconstructive surgery after trauma, burns, pre-ops or scars nervus facialis surgery

  • therapy of Frey’s syndrome (also known as Baillarger's syndrome, Dupuy's syndrome or auriculotemporal syndrome)

Benign and malignant skin alterations

  • nevus

  • atheroma

  • hemangioma

  • seborrhoic keratosis

  • actinic keratosis

  • acne scars

  • burn scars

  • keloid

  • histiocytoma


other soft
tissue tumors

  • fibroma

  • lipoma

  • lymph nodes

  • cysts

  • all other soft tissue tumors
  • Morbus Bowen

  • keratoacanthoma

  • lentigo maligna

  • basalioma (white skin cancer, NMSC or BCC)

  • malignant melanoma (black skin cancer)

  • squamous cell carcinoma (SCC)

  • lymph nodes in head and neck area

  • all other benign or malignant alterations