Full and contoured lips are considered particularly sensual and erotic. For this reason, many people desire this beauty feature. More and more patients decide to have their lips injected. Plastic and cosmetic surgery offers with this injection a quick and easy treatment and thus ensures a natural lip augmentation. Well-tolerated filling substances and the simple procedure make this form of lip correction a particularly safe procedure that achieves a great result.

"So far I have augmented my lips and cheeks with hyaluronic acid. I am always satisfied with the result. It's just the way I wanted it to be."

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Plastic and cosmetic surgery provide a minimally invasive method of lip augmentation and remodeling by injecting the lips. By injection of various filling materials, so-called fillers, the tissue is padded and receives more volume and fullness. Thus, not only can narrow lips be enlarged, but also asymmetries in the area of the lips can be corrected by lip modeling. Even lips that have lost volume with age perk up with the injection.

Injecting the lips is a minor procedure that usually takes less than an hour and can be done on an outpatient basis. In a consultation with the attending physician, in which the wishes of the patient are clarified and discussed, a suitable filler for the injection of the lips is selected. In particular, the body's own substances come into question here, since the likelihood that these are rejected by the body decreases. These include autologous fat (fat from your own body) or hyaluronic acid.

Injecting lips with autologous fat

In the case of lip injections with autologous fat, this first has to be removed from the body and treated in a first procedure before it can be injected into the lips in a second step.


Lip augmentation with hyaluronic acid

When using hyaluronic acid, the preparatory step of fat removal is not necessary. Hyaluronic acid is a filler substance that the human body produces itself. This substance is responsible for maintaining the fullness and elasticity of the skin. If this filler is injected into the lips, it causes an increase in volume.


Once the matching filler is selected, the lips are lightly anesthetized with a local ointment to help the patient feel no pain. The filling material is then injected into the lips, so that it causes a targeted enlargement of the upper or lower lip or improved contouring. To ensure a permanent result, a lip correction must be repeated at regular intervals, as the fillers are degraded by the body over time.

Since lip injection is a very minor surgical procedure, there are few criteria that exclude a patient from this treatment. The lip tissue and the surrounding area should be healthy and free from injury or irritation.

The injection of the lips has the advantage that a small, painless procedure can achieve a great effect. Full and round lips are possible within a few minutes. The targeted placement of the fine injection needles allows an exact definition of the lips, which corresponds entirely to the wishes of the patient. The good compatibility of the filling materials used makes the injection of the lips a safe intervention.



Depending on the filler, the body breaks down the cushioning substances within a few months after injection and the lip regains its original shape. If the patient is not satisfied with the result or if he or she wants improvements, this can easily be implemented in another intervention.



Advantages of lip augmentation with the body's own substances

• Particularly good compatibility
• Gives the patient a natural look
• Allows controlled lip injection
• Creates volume and defines the lip contour
• Improves the symmetry and proportions of the lower and upper lips
• Lift the corners of the mouth and smooth wrinkles above the lip

Plastic and cosmetic surgery offer a very low-risk treatment with lip correction, which is rarely associated with complications. Since injection is not a surgical procedure, lip injections and wrinkle treatment by injection are among the safest procedures among beauty treatments.


After injections, swelling may occur in the affected areas. These subside after a short time and the final result can be reviewed. Bleeding or bruising does not usually occur when injecting the lips. Also, rejection reactions are very rare, since the fillers are substances that are already present in the body.


Unprofessional lip correction can lead to asymmetries or incorrect proportions of the lips.

The cost of injecting the lips may vary depending on the filling material and is more costly for autologous fat due to the required pretreatment. Please note that this information relates to a single treatment. Follow up treatments will incur additional costs.