Small notches on the cheeks, which only become visible when smiling - for many people, dimples are a common beauty ideal. Having long been present in Bollywood, they are now becoming increasingly popular in the Western world. Dimpleplasty can surgically create dimples as part of a minor procedure, giving a radiant, charming smile.

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What is dimpleplasty?

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What are the advantages of a dimpleplasty?

What are the risks of a dimpleplasty?

Dimpleplasty is an intervention in plastic and cosmetic surgery designed to create small dimples in the cheeks. The indentations on the cheeks, which are visible when smiling, are often regarded as the ideal of beauty and make the face look friendly and happy. Of course, if they are not present, dimpleplasty can construct them as part of a minor surgical procedure. Tissues are removed through oral incisions, creating a gap in the muscle tissue that manifests itself in a dimple after complete healing.


The dimple surgery can be done on one or both sides. A dimple in the chin can also be constructed, which is especially desirable for men.

Dimpleplasty can be performed on an outpatient basis and only requires local anesthesia. The surgery is completed after about 60 minutes.


Before surgery, the surgeon marks the areas on the patient's face where the dimples will later be placed. This is done in consultation with the patient to implement wishes and ideas. Then the procedure can begin. On the insides of the cheeks, the surgeon makes a cut and removes a small piece of muscle tissue. Through the resulting gap, the skin tissue can be withdrawn, creating the typical dent in the cheek. The doctor sutures the tissue and the procedure is complete.


After the dimpleplasty, the patient can return home immediately. However, the final result of the treatment is visible only a few weeks later. Until complete healing, special mouth rinses should be used on a regular basis and alcohol, spicy and sour foods, as well as tobacco consumption should be avoided.

Dimpleplasty may not always produce visible results. Especially with very full cheeks, retraction of the skin inside cannot produce a sufficient effect. For very thin faces with thin cheeks, however, it may be possible that missing fatty tissue prevents the formation of a dimple. So even with heavy weight fluctuations or with a planned weight loss, a constant weight should be reached before undergoing the dimpleplasty.

Small dimples in the cheeks are a desirable beauty ideal for many people. Especially for women, they are considered cute and attractive. They make the face appear happy and friendly while smiling and thus have a great effect on others. The procedure is relatively uncomplicated, requires no long downtime and promises dimples that fully meet the expectations of the patient.


The dimpled surgery is also low in risk and leaves no visible scars as the required incisions are placed in the oral cavity. Although there is a scarring of the tissue after surgery, this is desirable and leads to the typical pitting.

Advantages of dimpleplasty

  • Natural-looking dimples at the desired locations
  • Uncomplicated, fast intervention with few risks
  • No visible scars that could reveal an intervention 

Although dimpleplasty is considered a low-risk procedure, complications can still occur as with any surgery. Bleeding, swelling and pain after treatment can occur, but these tend to go away again or can be treated with medication. In addition, wound healing disorders and infections are possible. For this purpose, antibiotics can be taken as a preventative measure, and it is also advisable to carry out regular mouthwashes - especially after meals. These reduce the risk of infection and support the healing process.


In some cases it is possible that the generated dimples are permanently visible, not only when the facial muscles are tense. Also a lack of symmetry is possible.