Eyebrow lifting

Saggy eyebrows and eyelids can make your eyes look tired and exhausted, and sagging skin makes your face appear older. If the eye area is particularly affected by this, an eyebrow lift can bring significantly positive effects: a pleasant appearance, more freshness and youthfulness.



Using various methods, you can not only lift your eyebrows, but also tighten your eyelids and smooth your forehead. Plastic and cosmetic surgery helps to correct the eye area through an intervention and so make the face appear younger overall.


Possibilities of eyebrow lift

• Pure eyebrow lift
• Eyebrow lift with forehead lift
• Thread lifting


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An eyebrow lift is a cosmetic surgery procedure that lifts the eyebrows and adds freshness to the face. As the skin loses its elasticity in old age, it can sink and make the face look older. Especially in the area of the eyes and the eyebrows this has a big influence on the overall picture of the face. The features can seem tired and sad.


An eyebrow lift raises the slack skin, opens the eyes and thus has a significant rejuvenating effect. There are several methods that can raise and tighten eyebrows and eyelids, as well as the forehead, depending on the extent and strength of the required correction. For this, small incisions are made in the area of the eyebrows or the hairline, excess skin is removed and the facial skin is pulled back. In this way, the face is tightened, and the brows are raised.

The eyebrow lift can be performed under local anesthesia or under general anesthesia. The procedure is usually performed on an outpatient basis and requires no further hospitalization. The course of the operation depends on the type of method chosen to lift the eyebrows.

Basically, there are few criteria that can exclude a patient from an eyebrow lift. However, care should be taken to stop taking blood thinning medication two weeks before surgery. This should be discussed with the attending physician.


If there are circumstances that do not permit general anesthesia, it must be clarified in advance whether the desired procedure can also be performed under local anesthesia. It should also be taken into account that the consumption of nicotine may have a negative impact on the healing process. Smoking should be avoided a few weeks before and after surgery.

Although lifting eyebrows is a relatively minor operation within cosmetic surgery, it has a strong impact on the overall appearance of the face. A change in the eye area that can express much of our emotions has a big impact. Droopy eyelids and eyebrows make one look tired or seem sad. The eyes look older. Lifting the eyebrows opens the eyes and immediately gives the face more freshness. The eyes look livelier, more alert and clearly rejuvenated.


An additional forehead lift that smoothes transverse wrinkles on the forehead makes the face appear more youthful overall. Thus, a single intervention can show great effect. Another benefit of eyebrow lift is the hidden incision. The incisions at the hairline or at the edge of the eyebrows cover up later scars well. The endoscopic procedure of the operation also ensures that later scars are very small. They are barely visible after complete healing. In men with pronounced forehead wrinkles, it is also possible to put the incisions in the cross wrinkles with a pure eyebrow lift. So later scars are difficult to recognize.


Advantages of an eyebrow lift

  • Rejuvenated eye area
  • Open, fresh look
  • Additional firming forehead lift possible
  • Barely visible scars due to concealed incision

An eyebrow lift is one of the safest surgeries of cosmetic surgery. However, as with any surgery, complications can occur. For example, bleeding, bruising and swelling may occur after bruising. However, these should resolve themselves after a few days.


Pain can occur, but can be managed with painkillers. In some cases, there may be numbness of the skin, which usually disappears quickly. In addition, it is unlikely that surgery will damage nerves and limit facial muscle activity.


Pure eyebrow lift

If only a brow lift is desired without an additional tightening of the forehead, there are different methods of execution. One option is to make an incision at the top of the eyebrow, remove a narrow strip of skin, and re-suture the skin. In this way the brow is raised and the gaze opens. This method is especially suitable for people with thick, bushy eyebrows, which can cover up later scars well. For people with finer eyebrows, it is advisable to make the incision at the hairline on the scalp. The rather short side incision allows the brow to be lifted from the top. Here, too, excess skin is removed and the skin is pulled back. This automatically leads to a slight tightening of the temples.

Eyebrow lift with additional forehead lift

Another way to raise your eyebrows is to combine a brow lift and forehead lift. As a rule, endoscopy is used with only minimal incisions needed to complete the operation. In this form of eyebrow lifting, the incisions are also placed in the hairline of the hair of the head. The facial skin is released from the forehead, pulled back and fixed as a whole. Excess skin is removed, which tightens and smoothes the forehead. The eyebrows are pulled up, which raises them and opens the view. Due to the additional front lift, this method has a clear rejuvenating effect.

Thread lifting

A newer method of wrinkle treatment within plastic and cosmetic surgery is the thread lift. It can also be used for eyebrow lifting. The smallest incisions in the upper part of the eyebrows use fine barbed threads. They pull the skin up and hold it tight. This raises and fixes the brows without having to remove excess skin. The threads dissolve over time, but newly formed connective tissue ensures that the eyebrow lift is permanent.