Lower eyelid lift

Through the face, we engage in interpersonal communication and express our current feelings and emotions to the world.


Drooping eyelids and bags under the eye, which develop as the result of advancing age and stress, broadcast tiredness, old age and stress, which may not reflect our true feelings.



Through lower eyelid tightening these flaws can be corrected.


"The lifting of the upper and lower eyelid was very successful for me. The team and the anesthetic doctor have taken care of me and Dr. Dacho has operated perfectly!"


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What is a lower eyelid lift?

How does a lower eyelid lift work?

What criteria must be met in order to qualify for a lower eyelid lift?

What advantages does a lower eyelid lift have?

What risks and complications can occur with a lower eyelid lift?

What are the costs for a lower eyelid lift?

The lower eyelid lift, also called blepharoplasty of the lower eyelid, refers to the removal or tightening of superfluous skin and bags on the lower eyelid. The surgery removes the excess fatty tissue and smoothes the protrusions under the eye.


Eye bags and protrusions not only appear as a feature of the aging process, but can also be a result of excessive alcohol consumption, stress, lack of sleep or excessive sunbathing. More and more patients are opting for a lower eyelid operation at a young age. The goal of an eyelid lift is to make the face appear more alert, fresher and younger. The lower eyelid is wrinkle-free and taut after treatment, the external appearance of tiredness and old age disappears.

Da eine Unterlidstraffung allerdings aufwändiger ist als eine Oberlidstraffung, bietet sich der Einsatz einer begleitenden Narkose an. Hierbei wird in der Regel zum Dämmerschlaf geraten, allerdings ist auch eine Vollnarkose nicht auszuschließen.


Because a lower eyelid lift is more complex than an upper eyelid lift, anesthesia is recommended. This is usually a sedative, but general anesthetic cannot be ruled out. In addition, it is possible to perform a lower lid and upper eyelid lift in one operation, which makes the rejuvenating effect even clearer and produces a particularly natural result.


Process of a lower eyelid lift

Before an eyelid lift, the incision line, which is placed immediately under the eyelashes, is drawn on the patient's eyelid. The patient is then put into a light sedation.


The incision is made microscopically exactly along the marking, the eyelid skin is lifted with the underlying muscle and the excess fatty tissue is gently removed. Following this, the skin that is no longer needed is removed without tension and adapted to the edge of the wound with a very fine needle.


A lower eyelid lift lasts about 90-120 minutes and the sutures and patches are removed on average after seven to ten days.

The lower eyelid lift is suitable for patients with skin excess on the lower eyelids, bulging adipose tissue, or a combination of both. The lower eyelid lift helps you to have a fresher and younger looking face. Before the procedure, however, it should be clarified whether the patient meets the health requirements for the operation. If the patient suffers from eye diseases or neurological disorders, a lower eyelid lift may not be possible.

A lower eyelid lift is an operation with great impact and a long-lasting result. A lower eyelid lift offers the possibility to remove bags and bulges that have accumulated on the lower eyelid in a relatively short treatment period and with a very low complication rate. With healthy healing of the wound, the patient is, on average, back to normal life within a couple of weeks.

Another advantage of the lower eyelid lift is that the incisions are placed under the lash line during the procedure. As a result, the resulting thin scars are barely visible to others. The face looks much firmer, fresher and healthier after the treatment.


Advantages of a lower eyelid lift

• More open look and bright eyes
• Younger and firmer-looking face

Usually, a lower eyelid lift is uncomplicated. In the weeks following treatment, bruising on the lower eyelid may occur. These subside quickly and are in the context of such a procedure completely normal and harmless. Thin scars that result from incisions in the skin during a lower lid operation can remain visible and be treated with special ointments.


Another complication, which can occur especially with lower eyelid lifts, is the formation of a hanging lid or sagging appearance of the eye. In this case, special treatments are applied, which can reduce the complication within a few months. Optionally, this can also be remedied by a reoperation.


Things to keep in mind for the first four weeks

• Protect your eyes from direct sunlight
• Avoid solarium visits, steam baths, etc.
• Verzichten Sie in den ersten vier Wochen auf Sport
• Avoid sports in the first four weeks

Most lower eyelid surgery is done for cosmetic and not medical reasons, so the costs are usually not borne by health insurances. The respective costs can only be calculated after an individual consultation and analysis.