Chin reduction of a protruding chin: A strong protruding chin makes the face appear severe and hard, it lends itself to distinctive facial features. Especially women want gentler facial contours and often feel a protruding chin annoying. One way to correct a protruding chin is to reduce the chin. Using various methods of chin correction, the chin can be reduced in size and corrected according to the patient's wishes.

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More about the protruding chin

What is a protruding chin?

How can a protruding chin be corrected?

What are the advantages of correcting a protruding chin?

The protruding chin is a particularly pronounced chin, which has a great influence on the external appearance of the face. Especially in the profile view it jumps out clearly and can overshadow the nose and forehead. Such a chin looks very distinctive and gives the face hard features.


One possible cause of a protruding chin is the overdevelopment of the lower jaw. If the lower jaw is too strong compared to the upper jaw, it can lead to malocclusions and the appearance of a protruding chin. On the other hand, underdevelopment of the maxilla (upper jaw) compared to the mandible (lower jaw) may also produce these features.


The correction of a protruding chin can be done in a variety of ways in maxillofacial (jaw) surgery. Which method is most suitable for you individually should be determined during a consultation. A chin correction is not always performed solely for aesthetic reasons. The anatomical predisposition can also lead to far-reaching physical discomfort. Thus, for example, functional disorders such as chewing problems and difficult food intake, restrictions on pronunciation, and falsely aligned teeth and temporomandibular joints. This can result in frequent damage to the periodontium (fleshy parts of the mouth) and pain in the head, neck and back.


Chin reduction by grinding (chin shaving)

One possible method of reducing the protrusion of the jaw is the milling of the jawbone. Under general anesthetic, a cut is made on the inside of the lower lip or under the chin. Bone substance is then removed in the chin area with a small burr. This allows the chin to be shaped to the desired shape to a certain extent.


Chin reduction by jaw displacement

The chin reduction by a displacement of the jawbone is also an operative method of chin correction. As part of an operation, a wedge-shaped piece of the lower jawbone is sawn out, the jaw is moved backwards and fixed with screws.

Similar to a weak chin or a double chin, a prominent chin can be a great burden for the affected person. The chin is integral to the shape of the face. If it is particularly striking, this has a great impact on the overall picture of the face and head. In women, a protruding chin can be very distinctive and appear masculine. In men, however, it is considered severe and hard. A chin reduction can make the face appear softer and friendlier by reducing the protruding chin.


An advantage of chin reduction is the versatility of the treatment. The different methods of chin reduction allow both slight and more pronounced corrections to be made. The milling of the jaw bone is a possibility for the exact correction and modeling of the chin. Even fine corrections can be made in the context of this treatment. Chin correction by removing a piece of bone from the lower jaw, however, is particularly suitable for a significant reduction of the chin. Both methods promise long-lasting results.



Advantages at a glance

• Depending on your desire, slight or significant reduction of the chin
• Strong effect on head and face shape
• Gentler and softer facial features
• Lasting results