Double chin

A double chin has a strong influence on the overall picture of the face and is usually immediately noticeable. For this reason, it can be a burden for those affected. Through various methods, cosmetic surgery is able to quickly and easily remove a double chin.



Methods of double chin correction:

• Liposuction
• Neck Lift

The decisive factor for the selection of the method is, in particular, whether the double chin is caused by fat deposits or a skin surplus.


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What causes a double chin?

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A double chin is excess fatty tissue that has accumulated below the chin. Excessive skin caused by advancing age or weight loss and hanging under the lower jaw is also referred to as a double chin. The formation of a double chin can have different causes.



The most common cause of a double chin is obesity. In severe obesity fat accumulates on the entire body including the face. This excessive fat tissue forms a double chin. This double chin is usually accompanied by a round, full-bodied face and a thick neck.


Genetic Disposition

Even slender persons can have a double chin. Here, however, weight is not responsible for the double chin, but rather the genetic disposition. If one of the parents has a double chin, it is possible that the child will inherit the predisposition to increased fat deposition around the chin. The double chin can then occur in childhood and remain until old age.



The increased storage of fat is not always the reason for a double chin. Also, skin flaps, which hang down at the neck in the area of the chin, can cause a double chin. This excess skin usually occurs with advancing age and is due to the age-related slackening. Another reason for the development of excess skin is a heavy weight loss. If excess weight is reduced, the fat deposits on the neck are also reduced. With rapid and extreme weight loss, the skin is unable to completely regress, which can cause it to sag and hang.

In cosmetic medicine, there are various procedures that can remove a double chin. Which method is most suitable depends, among other things, on whether it is a double chin due to fat storage or a double chin due to skin excess.



One way to remove excess fatty tissue in the chin area is by classic liposuction. Outpatient and performed under local anesthesia, this is a minor procedure that gives promising results. Through small incisions behind the ear lobes, the fatty tissue is extracted using the finest cannulas. In this way, scarring is barely visible. After liposuction, a light compression bandage must be worn to prevent the formation of lumps.

Skin tightening and / or muscle tightening

If drooping skin flaps or slack muscles are the cause of the double chin, tightening the skin and / or tightening the muscles (neck lift) can be used for double-chin removal. Over a small incision under the chin, the excess skin is removed, the slack muscle tightened again and thus smoothed. The double chin disappears. Again, it is recommended to wear a light compression bandage postoperatively.

A double chin can accentuate the neck and make the face look very round. Especially with slender persons a double chin is particularly noticeable and has a strong effect on the overall picture of the face. Drooping skin lobes make those affected look older.

Double chin removal is a way to give the face and neck a fresh, sleek look. By removing fatty tissue, the chin area is narrowed and, especially in the profile, clear differences can be seen. Even a slight removal of fat can have a strong effect and completely change the appearance of the face. Removing a double chin with a muscle tightening also adds a rejuvenating effect. The neck is firmer and the face is better proportioned, which makes the patient appear much younger.

Plastic surgery offers the opportunity to adapt your body to your own wishes and thus to experience more ‘joie de vivre’. Complications may occur with any procedure. However, these occur only very rarely with professional treatment in a good clinic.


The procedure by liposuction or skin tightening is relatively low risk. Minor bleeding, bruising and swelling may occur. These usually disappear within a few days. As with any surgery, infections can occur. These are prevented with an antibiotic. The risk of scarring is minimized by setting only very small stitches.