- Wrinkle treatment with PRP therapy.
“Vampire-lifting", also known as PRP plasma lifting (PRP = platelet-rich plasma), is a relatively new method of wrinkle treatment. By injecting processed blood, vampire lifting promises a radiant complexion and the smoothing of small wrinkles without the use of synthetic agents, foreign substances and animal experiments. Due to its popularity, PRP therapy has become known to many Hollywood stars.

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More about PRP plasma lifting

What is a PRP plasma lift?

What is the process like?

What criteria must be met to perform the autologous blood treatment?

What are the advantages autologous blood treatment?

What are the risks and complications of autologous blood treatment?

Autologous therapy generally refers to a series of procedures in which blood is removed, processed and reinjected into the patient. For centuries, this method has been used in naturopathy in a variety of therapies and is as old as medicine itself. PRP is used today in many areas: beautification and regeneration of the skin, as a lifting method, to promote hair growth, wound healing, in orthopedics and sports medicine.


In cosmetic medicine, autologous therapy is used, for example, in wrinkle treatment. Here, the so-called PRP method is used, in which platelet-rich blood plasma is injected into the skin. An example of this treatment could be small wrinkles being smoothed around the mouth and eyes.


The growth factors and cell renewal components in the blood also stimulate skin regeneration and collagen production. This makes skin appear taut, fresh and rosy. Autologous therapy is often used on the face (vampire lifting), neck and décolleté. It also finds use on the scalp to stimulate hair growth, as well as to reduce scarring (e.g., acne scars, surgical scars, stretch marks). In combination with microneedling even better results can be achieved.

Autologous therapy is carried out on an outpatient basis because of its short duration. First, blood is taken from the patient.


The blood is then specially prepared: It is centrifuged so that the plasma and the platelets separate from the remaining components. Now, plasma and platelets can be supplemented with substances such as amino acids and vitamins.


After processing, the autologous blood can be injected under the facial skin or inserted into the perforations made by a microneedle. A local anesthetic cream anesthetizes the skin areas to be treated to avoid pain. The blood is now injected into the skin with a special needle with several attachments or applied with the microneedle.


After the autologous therapy, the skin is a little red. Special hyaluronic masks prevent bruising and swelling after treatment. After a few weeks, first results can be seen. The success of any PRP therapy increases with the number of applications. Results are strongest after a few weeks and lasts for up to 18 months. A refresher through PRP is reccomended once a year and reinforces the success.


From mid-30s to early 40s it is advisable to carry out the autologous blood injection together with microneedling. The combination of the two treatments promise a much better immediate effect.

Since autologous blood therapy only uses endogenous agents (substances produced in your own body), it is suitable for a particularly large number of patients. Incompatibilities as well as the transmission of diseases can be excluded for this reason.


Only problems that make it difficult to take a blood sample (for example circulatory or coagulation disorders) can be an exclusion criterion for the therapy. Here, the doctor should check in advance of the treatment, if the autologous therapy can be performed. In more severe diseases such as hemophilia, self-therapy is not recommended.


In addition, the patient must be aware of what results the autologous therapy can achieve. It is not suitable for correcting deep wrinkles and bumps in the skin. Rather, it is able to refresh the complexion, to tighten the skin, to reduce age spots and to smooth fine wrinkles.

Probably the greatest advantage of autologous therapy is that it works exclusively with the body's own substances. Allergies, intolerances and rejection reactions are excluded in this form of wrinkle treatment.


In addition, autologous therapy is a simple process. A usual blood sample with subsequent special treatment of the blood takes little time. Apart from the concentrated growth factors, usually no further active ingredients are necessary. Although amino acids and vitamins can be added to intensify the therapy, the platelet-rich plasma itself already contains many cell-renewing substances that cause an effect.


An additional use of microneedling significantly enhances the positive effect, so we usually recommend the combination of both. This causes a veritable boosting effect.


The effects of the autologous blood treatment are more subtle, but still clearly discernible, compared to wrinkle injections with Botox or hyaluronic acid. Injecting your own blood spurs the skin to regenerate. Collagen, an endogenous protein is formed. The connective tissue is thus strengthened, the skin appears firmer and wrinkles are padded. In addition, the blood circulation of the skin is stimulated, making it fresh and radiant with a healthy rosy color. In this way, a complete rejuvenating effect is achieved.


The advantages at a glance

• Only the body's own active ingredients, thus no allergies or intolerances, no animal experiments
• Treatment is quick and easy
• Smoothing of small wrinkles and increase the elasticity of the skin
• Fresh, rosy complexion
• Especially natural-looking results
• Short recovery time

Vampire lifting is considered a very low risk procedure. When performed in compliance with all hygiene regulations, a risk for infections in both the blood collection, as well as in the injection of the processed blood can be excluded. Also incompatibilities of the injected substance are excluded.


Slight bruising and slight swelling at the injection sites may occur. These are harmless and recede within few days.


Overcorrection, which can cause a mask-like face, for example, during Botox treatment, is not possible with self-blood therapy. However, it must be clear that the body's own substances are degraded over time by the body and thus the effect of the treatment subsides. For this reason, the therapy must be repeated at regular intervals.