Wrinkle in
-jection with auto-
logous (own) fat

The face is not only the mirror of the soul, but also of the whole organism. This part of our body reveals our mood to others through facial expressions and gives them a perception of our age.


Almost everyone dreams of being perceived as younger and desires a youthful face, but it is normal for skin volume to decrease and wrinkles to develop as the years advance.


The beauty industry is booming, and numerous remedies are offered which guarantee the user a new radiance and smooth skin. Often, these vitamin supplements, creams and treatments only last for a short time or don’t live up to their promises.


Cosmetic medicine offers more effective options that can give the skin new youthfulness. Through targeted methods, wrinkles are smoothed out over the long term and new volume is built up.


The method of wrinkle injection with autologous fat ensures a generous volume build-up, especially in older age, and helps to tighten deep wrinkles. Autologous fat is fat taken from one area of your own body and used to increase the volume in another area. This process is also known as ‘lipofilling’.

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Wrinkle injection is a minimally invasive procedure for plastic and cosmetic surgery. This method is used to smooth and replenish wrinkles in the face by injecting so-called dermal fillers.


There are various methods of wrinkle injection, which differ essentially by the substances used. Biological dermal fillers such as hyaluronic acid, autologous fat and polylactic acid are used preferably today. These result in a significantly lower risk, but are degraded over time by the body.


Botox injection is also a common method of smoothing wrinkles, but Botox is not a natural filler and the procedure is therefore not considered a category of wrinkle injections.

In the case of wrinkle injections with autologous fat, which is also referred to as lipofilling, it is first necessary to remove your own adipose tissue by means of a small liposuction. This usually happens in inconspicuous places like the thighs, the hips or the stomach. During withdrawal, the patient is conscious or lightly sedated and is anesthetized by tumescent local anesthesia in the affected area of the body.


Subsequently, the recovered material is sterilized and injected into the desired areas. If necessary, the area can be treated with a light anesthetic cream to prevent pain.


After the injection, the doctor massages the treated areas to achieve optimal distribution of the injected substance. To prevent swelling and pain, cold applications are used. Liposuction and treatment of the fat can take up to two hours, whereas wrinkle injection takes only 25-45 minutes.


• To build volume
• For deep modeling of sunken facial features
• To smooth deep wrinkles
• To rejuvinate the eye area
• To lighten dark rings around the eyes
• As a compliment to as eyelift
• To streamline the contours and structures
• To improve skin quality
• For the treatment of acne scars
• As a compliment to a facelift
• To increase the fullness of the lips


The body's own fatty tissue is ideal for various applications of cosmetic medicine, as it is particularly well accepted by the body and degrades slowly.


In the case of wrinkle injections, the dermal filler provides a natural-looking, long-lasting volume and the associated youthful appearance. Typical symptoms of the progressive aging process, such as poorer skin quality, the relaxation of facial contours, and the loss of volume can be alleviated by means of lipofilling. For unexplored reasons, autologous fat injection also improves skin quality.


The procedure is considered to be the most effective wrinkle injection in terms of rejuvenation of the eye area as well as the volume build-up of the cheeks and lips. Very often, an autologous fat injection is performed in addition to a facelift, adding volume to the procedure. In patients who suffer from a severely flaccid skin, often a combination of a facelift, an eyelifting and a self-fat injection takes place. This compound not only guarantees very aesthetic and harmonious results, but also ensures a much younger look. The particularly generous volume replenishment makes lipofilling ideal for the deep modeling of sunken facial areas, as well as for the smoothing of deep wrinkles. Especially forehead wrinkles, nasolabial folds and smile lines can be padded. Furthermore, this method of wrinkle injection is used to lighten dark circles or treat acne scars.

The fat used in lipofilling is your own, so allergic reactions against the fat are not posible. In addition, the body's own material is degraded only slowly by the body and the effects of autologous fat injection are maintained in the long term..


Advantages of Lipofilling

• Younger-looking complexion
• Particularly good compatibility
• Allergic reactions excluded
• Long-term results

If the patient is not satisfied with the result after the first lipofilling, it is possible to repeat the injection four weeks after the first autologous fat injection. As a rule, in the liposuction before the wrinkle injection, in which the autologous fat is obtained, sufficient material is taken to provide for a possible follow-up.


The final results of autologous fat injection will remain in place for approximately two years and can then be refreshed at any time.

Following a wrinkle injection with a dermal filler such as autologous fat, the treated areas should be gently massaged for about four minutes for the next three days. The massages improve the distribution of the dermal filler under the skin and ensure optimal results.


There are no guidelines for skincare. This can be continued as usual with your own products immediately after the injection. In the first four days after the autologous fat injection strong heat and cold should be avoided and also excessive exposure to sunlight is not recommended.


Sauna visits and sports activities are also not recommended during this period.

Generally, wrinkle injections are painless. However, with autologous fat injection, liposuction is necessary for the recovery of fatty tissue. This is often considered uncomfortable, but only requires local anesthesia, which can be combined with a light sedative if desired.


The actual wrinkle injection is hardly noticeable for the majority of patients. If they are very sensitive to pain, the affected skin areas can be anesthetized beforehand. It is possible to locally numb the areas using a solution for injection or ointments.


Possible side effects

In general, only minor side effects can occur with wrinkle injections. Mostly there is slight swelling around treated areas.

In addition, there is the possibility that bruising may occur at the puncture sites. These temporary side effects are short-lived and require no further treatment. After a few days, they can be easily coated with nourishing cosmetics. Although infections are not excluded in principle, they only occur in the rarest of cases.

The cost of lipofilling wrinkle treatment is significantly higher than other wrinkle injections, as liposuction is required for autologous fat recovery. However, it should be noted that this method of wrinkle treatment has a particularly long effect and must be repeated less frequently compared to other types of wrinkle injection.