Chin enlargement of a receding (weak) chin: A weak chin has a strong influence on the appearance of a person, above all, the overall picture of the face is affected. One reason for a treatment is often that a weak chin leaves an undefined and disproportionate impression. In the weak chin, the mouth and nose appear far advanced. Especially in the profile view, a weak chin can make an already dominant nose look even bigger.


A weak chin can accentuate a double chin if there is excess skin on the neck. A chin correction leads to a clear chin enlargement, the face looks more prominent, the facial contours appear more striking.

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More about weak chins

What is a weak chin?

How can a weak chin be corrected?

What are the benefits of chin correction?

A weak chin refers to a reserve of the chin, which causes the chin to be less pronounced. Especially in the profile of a weak chin is clearly visible.


A weak chin can have several causes. For one, it may be due to the location of the lower jaw. If this is moved backwards, the chin falls back and looks smaller. An overbite and enlarged incisors can also be caused by the displacement of the lower jaw. On the other hand, it is possible that the lower jaw is made smaller overall than the upper jaw. Due to the difference in size, the chin appears small and not very prominent.



Not infrequently, a double chin in the form of fat accumulation below the jawbone accompanies a weak chin.

For a chin correction, the chin must be enlarged so that it looks more striking and larger. This can be done in different ways.


Chin enlargement through implants

A gentle way to increase the chin is to use an implant. This chin implant can either consist of the body's own material, silicone or plastic and is inserted through a small incision under the chin or in the mouth on the inside of the lower lip.

Chin enlargement by jaw displacement

This method of chin augmentation is invasive and therefore less frequent. As part of an operation, the lower jaw bone is severed horizontally and can thus be moved forward. When it is correctly positioned, it is fixed with screws and plates. The chin remains in a permanent forward position appears larger.

Controlled fracture of the jawbone

Another way to move the jaw forward is in a controlled fracture of the jawbone. In the region of the angle of the jaw, the jaw is broken, displaced forward and fixed. However, as the recovery time and risks associated with this form of treatment are increased, it is rarely performed.

Since the chin is difficult to hide and significantly influences the head and especially the face shape, a weak chin often places a heavy burden on the affected person. However, as part of a chin correction, a weak chin can easily be corrected. It looks more striking, the facial contours become clearer. Especially in profile, a clear difference can be seen after the chin enlargement.


Besonders schonend dabei ist der Einsatz eines Kinnimplantats. Wird ein Implantat aus Kunststoff oder Silikon verwendet, ist nur ein einzelner Schnitt notwendig, um das Kinn zu vergrößern. Durch die versteckte Lage des Schnittes in der Schleimhaut der Unterlippe ist zudem keine Narbe sichtbar.


Advantages at a glance

• Significant enlargement of the chin
• Strong effect on head and face shape and profile formation